câble, spot, ruban adhésif, objets divers, couleur

(solo exhibition), Neue Galerie Landshut e.V./Germany

digging in the future to bring the past into the present

(solo exhibition) Galerie Gudrun Fuckner, Ludwigsburg/Germany

Was kommt – Was bleibt?

(group exhibition) in cooperation with the what remains gallery, Platform, Munich/Germany

Zimmer mit Aussicht – Poetik des Raumes

(group exhibition), curated by Christian Gögger, Kunstverein Kiss, Schloss Untergröningen/Germany

space is god

(group exhibition), curated by Nina Holm, Elisabeth Hartung, Platform, Munich/Germany

self introduction

(solo exhibition), curated by Kriz Olbricht, barcelona project, Freiburg/Germany, catalog

award winner 21th Karlsruher Künstlermesse

(group exhibition), Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe/Germany, catalog

Art Karlsruhe 2013

(solo exhibition) with Lena Münch, booth Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Karlsruhe/Germany

the memory of space

(solo exhibition), Villa Merkel/Bahnwärterhaus, Esslingen/Germany, catalog

a description by discarding methods

(solo exhibition), Self Service open Art Space, Stuttgart/Germany, catalog

deep Lohn

(group exhibition), Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design/Germany


(group exhibition), Kunstverein Reutlingen/Germany, catalog

Fokus Junge Kunst

(group exhibition), Kunstverein Radolfzell/Germany

home sweet home

(solo exhibition) with Lucie Kohler, Deux Pièce, Basel/Switzerland

sculpture, mon amour

(group exhibition), curated by Manuel Scheiwiller, Glaskasten, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design/Germany

hardcore décor

(solo exhibition) with Florian Klette und Tae-kyun Kim, curated by John Beeson, Import/Export, Frankfurt a. M./Germany

nothing but a suitcase

nothing but a suitcase (group exhibition), curated by John Beeson, Raum zur Kunst, Basel/Switzerland


(group exhibition), curated by Johan Holten, Ulrike Lorenz, Reinhard Spieler, Heidelberger Kunstverein/Germany